About Us
Green Gold was created with love
Voted Best Medical Marijuana Delivery Service in Best of Chico 2017 and rated five stars by over 80 WeedMaps members, we are proud to have earned the loyalty and business of the Chico community that we care so much about. We work our hardest to provide our members with the best service and medicine possible. 
The collective was founded by Jacob Smith after he studied horticulture in college. He decided to gamble on himself and follow his passion in cultivating healing, highest quality cannabis products. The team has expanded, our space has expanded, the members have expanded, but Jacob’s mission stays the same. Every day our team members are here to educate our members on healing with cannabis and to help them find their best-fitted product. 
Beyond having the highest quality, top shelf products GreenGold is unique because we have an immense amount of care. We passionately care about what we do, growing and creating the best medicine possible. We care about our Chico community and raising awareness of the facts about healing through marijuana. And we deeply care about our member’s healing and experience.